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Embodied Wisdom Intensive 50hr Training Series
with Brad Hay

Brads Embodied Wisdom programs focus on teaching you the practical integration and aplication of Ayurveda, Tantric Hatha Yoga, and Traditional Yoga from Sage Patanjali and the revered Yoga Sutras.   These ancient Vedic Sciences form a brilliant holistic partnership that cover all aspects of our lives for optimal health, powerful inner growth, spiritual expansion, and overall life wisdom.​​

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training  (50hr)

Whether you are a personal Yoga enthusiest, a seasoned teacher/practitioner, or simply interested in living a happier, healthier, and more purposeful life, this cutting edge 50hr Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training Program will take you to the next level in understanding and refining your own journey to prime health and Embodied Wisdom……… and further more give you some essential tools assist you being an extraordinary group or private Yoga Teacher.

The ancient Vedic Sciences of Ayurvedic, Yoga, & Tantra medicine form a brilliant holistic partnership to guide us towards self-discovery, healing, and to bring balance and more empowerment to our lives. Ayurveda gives us the foundation of health and vibrancy to cultivate balance in our body, mind, and soul while Tantric Yoga and meditation can enrich and empower our spiritual path by ten fold.

Topics Covered in the Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training:

  • Learn the foundational principles of Ayurveda and the Divine Code of Nature
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyles and how to live more harmoniously in the modern world
  • Understand the integration of Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Learn to design Yoga practices for the doshas, seasons,and specific imbalances
  • The energetics of Hatha Yoga Inc. Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya (Vinyasa Krama)
  • Sankhya Philosophy, the back bone of both traditional Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Yoga & Ayurvedic Psychology
  • The 5 great elements and their 20 qualities of nature
  • Knowledge of the 3 doshas (biological humors)
  • The 3 gunas (primal forces of nature)
  • The 3 subtle essences of human life: Prana, Tejas and Ojas
  • Understand your unique Constitution (prakriti) and current condition or imbalance (Vikriti)
  • Create a practical & powerful daily Ayurvedic routine for you and your students (Dinacharya)
  • Principles of diet and food practice for specific constitutions & conditions
  • The digestive fire (Agni) and the importance of healthy & vital digestion
  • Four Inherent Desires of the Soul (prushathas) Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha

Tantra ~ Power & Mastery of Prana Training  (50hr)

Tantric Hatha Yoga is an ancient,comprehensive, vast field of knowledge, practice, science and wisdom. It’s possibly more relevant now than ever in our modern times with an amplitude of distractions, choices, and instability of all kinds.  The wisdom and evolving technology of Tantra covers all facets of life and ultimately teaches us how to become steady and strong in our true Self and to be a powerful radiant vessal of energy,  light, and wisdom.  This is the path to becoming steeped in your purpose, free of fear and suffering and excelling at whatever you choose to do in life! 
In this 5 day 50hr intensive you will gain a comprehensive and practical overview and insight of what Tantric Hatha Yoga is and what has to offer you no matter where you are at in life.   You will learn the formula to positively transform your life, along with some profound practices.

 Topics Covered in Tantra-The Power & Mastery of Prana Training:

  • Transformative Alchemy & Science of Tantra
  • The Power & Mastery of Prana-The essense of Tantra
  • The Energetics of Tantric Hatha Yoga Practices, asana, pranayama, bandha.
  • The 3 Schools and 2 Paths of Tantra
  • The 7 step system of the Gheranda Samhita
  • Agni Yoga Practices & Principles
  • Ayurveda, the Foundation of Yoga & Tantra 
  • Veils of the Soul ~ The 5 Koshas
  • The Psychology of Transformation
  • Fire & Light ~ Advanced Tantric Practices
  • Tradition and Responsibility of being a Teacher
  • Chakras, Nadis & Subtle Body
  • Tantric Meditation Kriyas
  • Ethics to live and teach with Integrity 

Yoga ~ The Psychology of Transformation (50hr)

The ancient Yogis and Rishis understood that the human mind was both our greatest and most powerful instrument, and also our most challenging obstacle in life.  
Around 2500 years ago the great Yogic Sage Patanjali, delivered possibly the most profound and revered scripture on Yoga and Psychology called, "The Yoga Sutras".  These 4 chapters and 196 sutras lay out an exceptionally detailed map of the mind, how it operates on different levels, and how to understand and overcome the magnatism of our lower tendancies and ultimately toward freedom.

The Psychology of Transformation 50hr training will guide you into understanding, exploring, and experiencing the profound ancient teachings of Patanjalis Yoga Sutras and Vedanta.  You will learn  empirical, usefull concepts, practices and self-enquirey exersises that will trasform the way you see yourself and the world.  Become the master of your mind, become the master of your life.    

Topics Covered in Yoga ~ The Psychology of Transformation Training

  • Patanjali & The key revered Yoga Sutras
  • The 8 Rung Path Traditional Astanga Yoga
  • Sankhya Philosophy ~ The creation of the Univierse and Evolution of Soul
  • Dualism vs Non-Dualism
  • Prana and The Mind
  • Ancient Teachings to Inform your Modern day Hatha Yoga Practice
  • The In-depth Science of the Mind according to Vedanta  (Antakarana)
  • The Yogic Practice of Self Enquiry (Vichara) 
  • The 5 Causes of all Suffering
  • Defusing the land mine of unhelpful memories and emotions (Samskaras)
  • Understanding where our Destructive Habits and Patterns come from
  • Learn to Reprogram your Mind and Connect to Your Higher Intuitive Self
  • Meditation & Mantra, the keys to Success on the Yogic Path