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Embodied Wisdom with Brad Hay
OCTOBER 8 – 19, 2018

Are you ready for a life changing experience? Would you like to be a step ahead of most Yoga Teachers in the world today?

Whether you are a personal Yoga enthusiest, a seasoned teacher/practitioner, or simply interested in living a happier, healthier, and more purposeful life, this cutting edge 100hr Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training Program will take you to the next level in understanding and refining your own journey to prime health and Embodied Wisdom……… and further more give you some essential tools assist you being an extraordinary group or private Yoga Teacher.

Brad’s Embodied Wisdom program focuses on teaching you the practical integration of Tantric Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda for optimal health, powerful inner growth, spiritual expansion, and overall life wisdom.

The ancient Vedic sciences of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine form a brilliant holistic partnership to guide us towards self-discovery, healing, and to bring balance to our lives. Ayurveda gives us the foundation of health and vibrancy to cultivate balance in our body, mind, and soul while Tantric Yoga and meditation can enrich and empower our spiritual path by ten fold.

Topics covered in Embodied Wisdom – Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Program:

  • Learn to design Yoga practices for the doshas, seasons and specific imbalances
  • The energetics of Hatha Yoga Inc. Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Kriya (Vinyasa Krama)
  • Sankhya Philosophy, the back bone of both traditional Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Yoga & Ayurvedic Psychology
  • The 5 great elements and their 20 qualities of nature
  • Knowledge of the 3 doshas (biological humors)
  • The 3 gunas (primal forces of nature)
  • The 3 subtle essences of human life: Prana, Tejas and Ojas
  • Understand your unique Constitution (prakriti) and current condition or imbalance (Vikriti)
  • Create a practical & powerful daily Ayurvedic routine for you and your students (Dinacharya)
  • Principles of diet and food practice for specific constitutions & conditions
  • The digestive fire (Agni) and the importance of healthy & vital digestion
  • Four Inherent Desires of the Soul (prushathas) Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha

The training will consist of daily Ayurvedic, Yogic and Meditation practices, lectures/discussions, exercises, homework/reading, and enriching Transformative Experiences!

Recommended reading:
Yoga & Ayurveda ~ Self-Healing and Self-Realization by Dr. David Frawley
Yoga for your Type ~ An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice by Dr.David Frawley and Sandra Summerfield Kozak M.S
The schedule is from 8am – 5pm daily Monday to Friday.

The weekend of Oct 13th & 14th will be free time, however there will be some homework assignments and practices to do!
Full Price: US$ 1600 

Early Bird Discount US$ 1400 (paid by Sept 8, 2018)